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Vet clinic

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12/9/2022 7:40:43 AM


We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but Dogventurehq Clinic is pretty incredible! We offer an extensive range of services as a vet clinic in Dubai at reasonable prices performed by highly skilled staff.  

We treat every patient as if they’re our own because every pet that walks, hops, or flies through our door is unconditionally welcomed into our Dogventure family. We take pride in providing exceptional service, we’re constantly researching and updating techniques and practices to keep up with the experts in the field and be helpful in The Whole UAE.

You’re probably wondering what makes Dogventure clinic different from other clinics in Dubai, and honestly, anything we write here won’t convince you, so all we can say is come and see us and find out for yourself. You’ll see that our passion and care for your pets outweigh anything else, we put your pet's needs above everything. We go above and beyond what is needed to ensure the safety and welfare of your fur-baby because helping them is our primary concern. Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced, our nurses are fantastic and empathetic and our reception team is super friendly and helpful. We have everything we need to fully diagnose and treat your pet on-site including x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, fully equipped laboratory, surgical theatre, dental services, and rehabilitation services including hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. We can also offer a wider range of services under the same roof (boarding, grooming, daycare, and training) which means your pet will have an overall positive experience when visiting us in the clinic if they have already used our other services that are for the first time in whole UAE. This also means that if you’re planning on using our daycare or boarding services and your pet falls sick while they’re here (touch wood that they don’t!) then our clinic team is on hand to examine them and get on top of the issue quickly.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, then let me also tell you that our head nurse is fear-free certified and we’re working on fear-free training for the entire clinic! We want your pet to feel safe and welcomed here, so we take our time in getting to know them and allowing them to trust us so that we can provide them with the highest standard of care. If your pet needs to stay with us, we have dimmed lights, relaxing music, and calming diffusers to help them recover in a stress-free, relaxed environment with appropriate enrichment and care from our incredible team.

So, have you made up your mind? We truly are the best  Vet clinic in Dubai right?!

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