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Kayaking with Dogs

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7 - 10:00 AM

22 January


Kayaking with Dogs


- 45mins activity
- Double Kayak can accommodate Big Dog and Two Humans or One Human and One Big Dog.
- Single Kayak can accommodate small dog andhuman only.
- One SUP can accommodate one person and a dog.
- Everyone must arrive early to check in and get life jackets for themselves and dogs.
- Suitable for non Swimmers
- Suitable for Puppies 4 months and above
- Shower available after activity.
- Bring an Extra Towel, extra dry clothes, slippers
- Tea/ Coffee available
- Guide and Dog Handler available to help on-site.

- Ample Parking Available
- Park at the Paid Pointe Parking and validate the ticket at Blue Safari Center.

• No previous experience required.
• Suitable for non-swimmers.
• Life jacket for hoomans & dogs provided.
• No walk-ins accepted.
• Booking closes 24hrs before event.
• Dogs must be on "fixed" leash.

🐕 All dogs must be registered at Dogventure HQ

Note: If your dog has water fears, book swimming lessons at Dogventure Training Academy