It’s Hot Out! Should You Shave Your Dog?

grooming and Shave dog

Every year as summer approaches, the weather gets hotter. While this is troublesome for us humans, it is also distressing for animals. Many people think they are helping their dogs endure the heat, by trimming or shaving their fur. When you go outside during this season, you notice many individuals who have recently trimmed their […]

What are the best toys for puppies to chew on while teething?

best toys for puppies

One of the best ways to keep a new dog happy and minimize stress in the house is to provide them with chew toys. Chew toys can help keep your pet active, entertained, and happy. When choosing the best toys for puppies to chew on while teething, consider their age, breed, size, personality, and stage […]

 7 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog | A Complete Guide

Tips for Traveling With Dog

Nowadays, many people in different cities and countries keep pets, but can you take your pet with you when you travel? How should you take care of your pet during the journey? In this article, we have tried to share important considerations that you should keep in mind before and during traveling with your dog. […]

What are the preventive treatments for dogs? | Preventive care & Routine care

Routine care dog

Regular health screenings are not limited to sick dogs only. This Routine care should be conducted for any animal that appears to be healthy. An animal can have hidden diseases of which we are unaware. These Preventive cares help maintain the animal’s health. preventive treatments for dogs are necessary based on their age and life stage. […]

Causes for Skin Rash in Dogs | Signs & Treatment

Causes for Skin Rash in Dogs

If your dog is showing signs of skin problems, it is important to immediately consult with your veterinarian at the dog clinic for professional advice. Skin Rash in Dogs, ranging from mild to severe, requires a thorough examination. Therefore, the veterinarian can provide an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment for the identified skin […]

Why do dogs need dog clinic and vets? 

dogs clinic and vets

When you accept a dog as a member of your family, you must make every effort to ensure their health, comfort, and safety. In addition to vaccinations and regular check-ups, other matters require your attention. Before a dog becomes severely ill and reaches a critical condition, you should notice the problem according to the symptoms […]

How to training dogs at home? 

training dog at home

Dogs are so beautiful and lovable that they should never be taken harshly. However, remember that if puppies are not properly trained in their early years, they will create many problems for their owners in the future. So how do we train our dogs so that we don’t get tired of their bad behavior in […]

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