Diabetes in Dogs: Testing and Monitoring

Diabetes symptoms in dog

Diabetes in dogs is a common disease. It is a relatively complex condition that occurs due to a decrease in insulin production or an inadequate response to insulin. Based on this, there are two types of diabetes: insulin-dependent diabetes and insulin-resistant diabetes. Dogs can be affected by both types, but type 2 diabetes is more […]

A Guide to Dog Dental Care 

Dental Care for Dogs

Dogs, like humans, have teeth that enable them to eat and properly chew their food. A dog’s teeth closely resemble the human dental system. They also have deciduous (baby) teeth and permanent teeth, which can be susceptible to decay. The important point here is that if humans experience tooth pain, they can communicate it through […]

How to Tell If My Dog Is Sick: Guide Dog Sick Symptoms

Sick Symptoms Dog

Dogs are lovable and beautiful creatures. Many of us enjoy having a dog as a companion and taking care of them. However, one of the key aspects of caring for a dog is to pay attention to their health. The first step in taking care of your dog is to familiarize yourself with the characteristics […]

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need? \ dog’s exercise

dog's exercise and training

If you own a dog, you have likely wondered how much exercise dogs need each day. Similar to humans, the answer to this question varies from one dog to another, and dog’s exercise depends on factors such as age, health, and breed. This article provides several standard guidelines that you can carefully follow for exercising […]

 Hosting the Holidays with Pet in Mind

Holidays with Pets

Traveling and going on Holidays with Pet is becoming increasingly popular every day. The increase in the number of pet-friendly hotels and accommodations also allows people to enjoy their vacations and events more comfortably with their furry friends. However, it should not be forgotten that there are some negative aspects to traveling with pets, as […]

Hair Comes Trouble: Why Dogs Need Regular Grooming

Dogs Need Regular Grooming

Daily hygiene and grooming practices are particularly important for dogs. Not only does this contribute to the shine of the dog’s coat, but it also helps in detecting and identifying skin injuries, parasites, and shedding. In order to maintain a dog in a good condition, your Dogs Need Regular Grooming. In this article, we will […]

 It’s Hot Out! Should You Shave Your Dog?

grooming and Shave dog

Every year as summer approaches, the weather gets hotter. While this is troublesome for us humans, it is also distressing for animals. Many people think they are helping their dogs endure the heat, by trimming or shaving their fur. When you go outside during this season, you notice many individuals who have recently trimmed their […]

What are the best toys for puppies to chew on while teething?

best toys for puppies

One of the best ways to keep a new dog happy and minimize stress in the house is to provide them with chew toys. Chew toys can help keep your pet active, entertained, and happy. When choosing the best toys for puppies to chew on while teething, consider their age, breed, size, personality, and stage […]

 7 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog | A Complete Guide

Tips for Traveling With Dog

Nowadays, many people in different cities and countries keep pets, but can you take your pet with you when you travel? How should you take care of your pet during the journey? In this article, we have tried to share important considerations that you should keep in mind before and during traveling with your dog. […]

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