Having lice on your dog can be very unpleasant and bothersome. Lice are tiny parasites that attach to the dog’s hair and feed on their blood. Lice can quickly reproduce by laying eggs all over the body and result in discomfort, itching, and severe inflammation in your pet’s body.

They can also cause more serious health issues for your dog, so you must have enough information about the methods of eliminating lice in dogs.

What does dog lice look like?

Dogs can be infested with three different types of lice:

  • Heterodoxus spiniger, a jumping louse commonly found in tropical regions that feed on blood.
  • Trichodectes canis, another biting louse that not only feeds on dead skin cells but can also transmit tapeworm infections in dogs. This type of lice is present in the majority of dogs and typically resides in the back, neck, and head areas.
  • Linognathus setosus, a blood-sucking louse that feeds on the animal’s blood and is especially common in long-haired dog breeds and colder regions.

Each type of lice attacks dogs with its specific characteristics and causes discomfort and distress. Therefore, meticulous care and the methods of eliminating lice in dogs are of utmost importance.

methods of eliminating lice in dogs

The best methods of eliminating lice in dogs

Although lice on dogs are a problem for both the animal and you, you can still rescue your dog from these troublesome insects using various methods. Just washing your dog alone won’t eliminate the lice. Because the lice and their eggs are difficult to remove from the hair. Well-established methods for killing these pests are mentioned below.

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There are specialized anti-flea shampoos available at pet stores and you should use them according to the instructions on the packaging. Remember to use a specially formulated conditioner after washing your dog, as the presence of lice can cause skin inflammation. Additionally, refrain from using lice shampoo on other animals.

This powder is herbal and can be used to eliminate lice.

Almost all pet shops carry a specialized spray for lice and ticks, which is very affordable. Simply follow the instructions on the brochure and spray it onto your dog from a distance of fifteen centimeters. However, be careful to prevent its contact with the dog’s ears, nose, mouth, or eyes. You can also spray the area where your dog rests.

Generally forget the idea that you can get rid of dog lice by simply washing and bathing the dog because both the lice themselves and their eggs adhere tightly to the skin and fur, and neither water nor soap can exterminate or detach them.

However, these insects can easily be eliminated with common insecticides. Various types of shampoos, dog louse sprays, and louse powders can be very helpful in eradicating lice. There are anti-flea medications such as fipronil, imidacloprid, and selamectin specifically available for dogs, which veterinarians prescribe for the prevention and treatment of lice.

Additionally, if a dog is heavily infested with lice, supplementary nutritional support such as iron supplements, vitamins, and minerals may be prescribed to compensate for the dog’s anemia caused by the louse infestation.

In the improvement of dog louse infestation, it is necessary to consider the life cycle of the lice. Since anti-flea products do not affect their eggs, the duration of using these products should be such that it eliminates the eggs as well.

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Hence, it is vital to continue using the methods of eliminating lice in dogs for two weeks, which is the time when the eggs reach maturity. Adult lice can live for four weeks and lay eggs daily, so the treatment with anti-flea products should be continued for one month, with application every one or two weeks, to achieve complete recovery.

End word

Lice generally targets dogs that have weakened physical health or live in polluted and unsanitary environments. Improving the dog’s condition through better nutrition, hygiene, and care will greatly help prevent future flea infestations.

However, if you observe the symptoms mentioned in this article, it is necessary to seek further examination and the methods of eliminating lice in dogs at a center for Dog Daycare Services in Dubai to prevent the laying of eggs and the spread of this bothersome parasite.

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