Having a Better Relationship with Your Dog very sweet and enjoyable. Just like relationships between people, building a close bond with a dog is based on trust! Well, it’s clear that if your dog enjoys being with you, it’s a sign of a good bond between you.

However, at the same time, you don’t want it to be so dependent on you that it experiences “separation anxiety.” If your dog doesn’t even want to be apart from you for something as simple as going to the bathroom, it’s not a friendly and intimate relationship but rather an unhealthy one!

Having a healthy and happy dog that doesn’t cling too much to its caregiver is the best. So, how can you have a Better Relationship with Your Dog?

How do you properly approach a dog?

To make unfamiliar dogs feel comfortable in your presence, start by crouching down on a few steps away from them, gradually extend your hand towards their forehead or gently stroke their throat.

Sometimes dogs can be shy or run away upon seeing a stranger. In such situation, standing on two feet won’t be of any use as the dog will flee. It’s better to bend slightly towards the dog and call its name. This way, dogs gradually overcome their shyness and approach you.

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Relationship with Your Dog

Continuing with the steps of familiarizing with a dog,  it is important to approach the dog  cautiously until you’re certain that the dog has reached a state of mental calmness or its body posture is relaxed and its muscles are completely loose. If the dog keeps wagging its tail up and down constantly, it means it hasn’t yet become friendly with you.

How do I make my relationship with my dog better?

Since every dog has its own unique personality and specific needs, different approaches may be more effective in establishing a connection with your dog. It’s best to experiment and explore the best approach based on your dog’s specific circumstances. Additionally, seeking guidance from a dog specialist at dog clinic can assist you in this matter. We recommend that you consult veterinarians and dog training experts in Dubai Hills to have proper behavior and training with your dog. Any way To make a better relationship with your dog, you can use the following methods:

  1. Focus and attention

When you are with your dog, focus on them and give them more attention. This makes the dog feel valued and strengthens your connection. Pay attention to them during playtime, training exercises, or any other shared activity you do with your dog.

  1. Cuddle them in your arms

Cuddling your pet in your arms is the sweetest way for many caregivers to make a Better Relationship with Your Dog, and it certainly is effective for both of you – as long as your pet enjoys it too.

  1. Use rewards and positive reinforcement

Dog’s response well to rewards and positive reinforcement. When your dog exhibits positive behavior, praise and reward them. You can use treats, gentle touches, and verbal praise as rewards. This helps the dog show positive responses to you and strengthens your bond.

  1. Training and exercises

Training your dog with basic commands like “sit,” “come,” and “stay” can enhance your relationship with them. Use positive dog training methods such as positive reinforcement and clicker training to teach your dog more complex commands. Training helps the dog recognize you as the leader and reinforces the connection.

  1. Maintain a peaceful environment

Creating a peaceful and calm environment for your dog also enhances your Relationship with Your Dog. Provide a quiet and secure place for your dog and avoid negative experiences such as punishment and scolding. Instead, praise desirable behaviors and provide guidance.

  1. Allocate time for play and interaction

When you are with your dog, allocate enough time for play and interaction. Active and mental games like hide-and-seek, teaching new tricks, and cognitive exercises can help your dog expend energy and strengthen your bond.

  1. Health and nutrition care

Take care of your dog’s health and well-being. Ensure that your dog has proper nutrition and receives regular vaccinations and healthcare. This provides the dog with a sense of comfort and security and improves your bond.

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