Vet clinic

Healthy and happy pet from nose to tail.

Vets Caring for your Pets

Every pet that walks, hops or flies through our door is welcomed into our Dogventure family.

  • Certified and experienced vets and nurses
  • Open all year including weekends and holidays from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Extensive services and wellness programs including annual exams, vaccines, wound care, weight management and more.
Post-operative care for Dental Procedures and extractions

Welcome to our doggy boot camp

Positive reinforcement is a key tactic used by our certified trainers.
Let us help you tackle everything from lead pulling to separation anxiety.

We will also teach you how to communicate with your furry friend when we’re not around!

Hurry in!! our free consulation ends at the end of the month. Dont miss out on pampering your fur babies with the best treats and toys.

Clinic services

Stress-free vaccination

Painless microchipping as per Dubai protocols

Video Call Consultation

Virtual consultations for a more efficient process.
Catching diseases early is key.

Comprehensive check-ups including:

• Weight monitoring
• Heart, lungs, muscles, and bones

Surgery & Dental Procedures

• Cleanings
• Scaling
• Polishing
• All using modern medical equipment.

Comprehensive X-Ray check ups to monitor:

•Heart, lungs, muscles, and bones

Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Rehabilitation

We use digital x-rays to get to the bottom of any problems in no time.

Laboratory Tests

• Laser-fueled healing
• Non-invasive
• Painless
• The aim is to boost your pet’s natural healing ability.

Hospitalisation & Inpatient Care

• 18 spacious kennels
• Calming diffuser
• Soothing music
• Dimmed lights
• Give your pet the ultimate chill experience.

Meet the team

Dr. Toka DVM

General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Emergency/ Critical Care

Haley Head Nurse DVM

Qualified Veterinary nurse
Anesthesia monitoring
Nutrition and weight management

Dr. Joana DVM Veteriner

Dr. Joana DVM

General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Exotic Medicine

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Clinic services for dog's and pet

All in all, we are here to take the stress off your shoulders and provide your pet with the most pawsitive veterinary experience.

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