Dogs are so beautiful and lovable that they should never be taken harshly. However, remember that if puppies are not properly trained in their early years, they will create many problems for their owners in the future. So how do we train our dogs so that we don’t get tired of their bad behavior in the future? The answer is clear! You should never overlook their bad behaviors and you should follow all the teachings strictly. This article presents the necessary teachings for training dogs at home.

How to get your dog to come to you?

Imagine you’re walking with your dog and he’s starting to distance himself from you. If you can’t convince him to come back, you’ll face problems such as accidents and them running away. Remember that if dogs are scared of something on the street, they will run to the highest point of fear. So, for training dogs at home, before taking him to the street, practise the word “come” with him for a few weeks so he becomes familiar with it. Now, how do we train our dog to move towards us upon hearing the word “come”? Simply throw a ball and when he fetches it, repeat the word “come” and show it with your hand. Repeat this process for several weeks until it becomes conditioned in your dog’s mind.

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training dogs at home

How to walk your dog without a leash?

First, loosen the leash on your dog for a few weeks so that they don’t feel it around their neck. Then, increase the distance of the leash gradually, to the point where your dog is farther away from you compared to previous walks. In the initial days of training dogs at home, dogs may be afraid of distancing themselves from their owners and always try to maintain a certain distance. It’s better to subtly increase the distance from them so they get accustomed to it. Then, in safe spaces, unleash them and allow them to walk freely. After a while, you’ll notice that your dog is roaming without a leash.

How to train your dog to sit on command?

 To achieve this, stand in front of your dog with a small amount of food in your hand. Wait for them to naturally sit. For training dogs at home As soon as your dog sits, say the command “sit” and place the food in their mouth. Now, move away from them and encourage them to stand up. Then, approach them again and repeat the previous motion. Repeat this process for several weeks until your dog learns to sit. Another method is to bring the food in front of his mouth but don’t allow him to eat it. Move the food up and down with your hand so that the dog moves his head. Then, lower your hand enough for them to be forced to sit. Then, place the food in his mouth. Take another piece of food and hold it up again. Your dog may try multiple times to reach the food. Lower your hand again for him to sit and place the food in his mouth. This way, your dog’s mind becomes conditioned, and he learns that he only gets the food when he is sitting.

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How to train your dog to poop in a designated Area?

One of the concerns of dog owners is training dogs at home to find the bathroom area. This should be done in the early days and before the dog becomes accustomed to his new living area. In the initial days, closely observe all of your dog’s behavior, and when you notice he is about to go to the bathroom, immediately take him to the bathroom area. The key time for this is exactly when he is in the process of getting ready to go. You should communicate to him that you disapprove of him doing it elsewhere.

Fortunately, dogs are highly intelligent and analyse their owners’ behaviors. They become aware of their owners’ disapproval and refrain from doing unpleasant things to avoid their anger. After a while, you’ll see that your dog is standing in front of the bathroom door, waiting for it to open. Of course, to make it easier for dogs to do their business, designate a separate area for their bathroom needs.

End word

In this article, we learned how to train a dog at home. Try to conduct short and engaging training sessions for your dog. If you feel that your dog is not compatible with your training methods, change your approach. Never forget the reward system; make sure to reward them for each instance of correctly following commands.

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